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7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Partying In Ljubljana

7 things I wish I knew before partying in Ljubljana

  1. When do people usually go out in Ljubljana?

When going out, people normally meet at about 9pm – 10pm at someone’s home or in a public park to pre-drink. On weekends Ljubljana’s students often pre-drink in Zvezda Park and then go to the club at about 12pm – 1am. Most of the clubs stay open until at least 4am – 5am.

  1. Where are all the people?!

Don’t be surprised if you come to Ljubljana during the summer (June – August) and realize that most of the locals are enjoying the holidays somewhere by the seaside and that most of the Ljubljana’s bars & clubs are more or less empty! But no worries – that’s why it’s a great idea to join our Pub Crawl. Big groups of fun loving people every summer night!

  1. Alcohol in supermarkets is available only until 9pm

Alcohol sales are regulated by law in Slovenia, therefore make sure you buy drinks before 9pm in case you intend to pre-drink before going out. You can of course buy drinks at any of the bars as long as they are open, but not in supermarkets during (9pm – 10am).

  1. Do I really need to bring my ID/passport?

You most certainly do! It is required by law that you carry with you a personal ID or passport and also the clubs check your ID, so make sure to have a valid document with you at all times.

  1. Is drinking in public places and on the street allowed?

Well yes it is! As long as you’re not causing too much noise after 10pm and recycle the empty bottles, you’re fine. Also – if you’re on our pub crawl, no worries – you can enjoy your drink while we’re moving from bar to bar.

  1. How long are the bars and clubs open?

Most of the bars of Ljubljana’s nightlife are open until 12pm, the clubs are mostly open until 4am – 5am.

  1. Where can we get some food after the party?

Since McDonald’s is only open until 1am, your best chance are fast-food places such as these below. Make sure to try “Burek” in case you still haven’t! If burek is not your thing you’ll still be able to get a doner kebab or a slice of pizza.


Nobel Burek

Olimpija Burek


Pekarna Center