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Top 5 Bars and Pubs in Ljubljana 2022 edition (the most popular ones for tourists)

You’re in Ljubljana and you are not sure where to start your night out – these 5 bars and pubs are definitely a right choice.

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Marko Mikelj
Published: August 30, 2022

The most common question we get asked is which places are the ones to go to meet other travelers and locals and best Ljubljana bars in general, with a chance for drinks at discount as well. That’s why we prepared a short guide of our top 5 places to be at when wanting to start you night out right.

5. Holidays Pub

The only pub in town that hosts karaoke nights (Wednesday at 21.00), you can sing a solo song or in a group of friends which you just met. It’s THE place to go on a Sunday or a Holidays, since it’s open every day of the week.

4. Gig bar

An amazing place for a quick lunch, since every meal they prepare looks absolutely delicious. Open until late nights, it’s also a meeting spot and home base for the biggest pub crawl in Ljubljana. On warm nights, specially for Fridays, the resident DJ will be playing live music outside in the garden, while very friendly waiters will be taking care of your drinks. Gig Bar is also often the place for Stand-up comedy events, hosting the best comedians from all over Slovenia.

3. Captains Cabin

A hidden gem inside a small alley right next to Ljubljanica river, Captains Cabin is open every day, even on holidays, and offers sweet 2 for 1 cocktail deals as well.  The whole bar is decorated in pirate theme, and it also has a juke box, making you able to select music to your very own wishes.

2. Cutty Sark Pub

A classic European pub, with a beautiful garden in front of it. It’s also very big, with live music from time to time. The street where Cutty Sark is located is a hidden oasis in Ljubljana, because there’s a ton of plants and green colour all around it. It’s not a common young people party destination, but worth a visit nonetheless.

1. Parlament Pub

The most busy pub in town, almost always occupied by young people and party goers. Locals are very familiar with 3 cocktails for 10€ deals in the evenings, and now you are too- it’s a great way for budget drinking when starting the night out. Parlament also transforms into a crowded dancing student pub at night, usually closing in late mornings.

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