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Fast Foods You Have To Try When In Ljubljana

Fast Foods You Have to Try When in Ljubljana

Ljubljana offers a wide variety of different fast foods, some from across the world, and some of authentic origin in Slovenia. Since we all know how good the fast food feels after a night out, here’s a quick list of different kinds of finger food you absolutely HAVE to go for when in Ljubljana!


4. Burek

Comes from a family of baked filled pastries made of a thin flaky dough such of Turkish origins. There’s many different variations of it:

  • Burek with meat
  • Burek with cheese
  • Pizza burek
  • And even burek with spinach!

3. Kebab

The simplicity and fame go hand in hand with kebab, being one of the classic kinds of food through all the world. With million different ways to having it, nobody can say they don’t fancy the kebab from time to time. 

2. Jufka (“yufka”)

This is a eastern-Europe’s take on the classic wrap-quite similar to Kebab, but a bit smaller, jufka usually features chicken or pork meat along with onions and other different kinds of vegetables.

1.Open Kitchen

Located right next to main square, open kitchen is a unique culinary market, open only during the day.With over 60 different food providers from all over the country, this place is buzzing with food stands on Fridays from March until October. Mostly showcasing their products, you can always ask for a sample. One thing is sure- everyone who comes to open kitchen, leaves with a full belly.

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