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Pub Crawl Ljubljana

Ljubljana, being the capital of  Slovenia, is known as a massive melting pot, where local Slovenian students and tourists meet, drink and hang out together. We’re gonna let you in on all the hotspots where you’re sure to run into other people looking forward to see a new face.



The law in Ljubljana actually doesn’t forbid drinking on the street, as long as you’re not disturbing public peace and safety-that’s why the young people norm is to hang-out and pre-drink in Zvezda Park (located almost next to Prešeren square). 

It’s an ideal location to meet other people with the same goal of partying and enjoying the night. What really helps towards this is the location itself:

  • The Zvezda Park has many benches to sit down on
  • Lot’s of stores which sell alcohol right next to it
  • A short walk away from all the important places in Ljubljana’s party scene



Being the most busy and famous pub in Ljubljana, people of all ages choose Parlament pub not only as a pre-drinking location, but as well as a final destination to go all out with dancing, enjoying cheap drinks and the best cocktails in Ljubljana. In the evening, they even have  3 cocktails for 10 EUR deals, which draws a lot of students to it, being a perfect opportunity to get tipsy when out on a budget . If you’re planning to stay a while, you’ll be happy to know that it also has one of THE best fast food places in Ljubljana right next to it as well, where everybody goes after the party-it’s open until late mornings.



Pub Crawls (party-tours) were originally designed to enable hanging out and partying with people you’d never meet in your every day life. Not only is every traveler looking forward to meeting new friends, but also the game and program in general makes getting to know everyone quite easy. It is definitely the best nightlife Ljubljana attraction you’ll find, being available the whole year around, and getting special crazy in summers. The biggest pub crawl in Ljubljana is amongst one of top things to do in Ljubljana at night, Metelkova street being the only destination where the tour doesn’t go, because it’s too far off from the city center.



Infamous “small Amsterdam” street, where all the alternative Ljubljana nightlife things go down, it’s located right next to main train and bus station. A good 15 minutes walk from Prešeren square, it’s a bit dislocated from other nightlife activities in Ljubljana. It is worth seeing during the day as well as during the night-Metelkova has beautiful graffiti everywhere you look. Since it’s a whole street, it has the biggest amount of people coming in and out of it, probably because of it’s many small bars and clubs. One thing they all have in common is the hospitable attitude, as it doesn’t matter how you look or where you come from, since everyone is welcome. It gets the most busy for the weekends, as not everything is open during the week days.



In general, 70% of people in Ljubljana are always open to meeting new people and gladly help if you get lost. It also helps that pretty much everyone speaks english, making communication a lot easier. Tourists are known to be treated really nicely by the locals, because Slovenians absolutely love seeing and meeting different cultures, so don’t be shy and jump right in!

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