Partying in Slovenia for New Year’s Eve (6 Reasons Why Ljubljana is the Best Party Destination of 2025)

Are you thinking of celebrating the New Year in Slovenia? Here are 6 reasons why Ljubljana is the best destination for partying your way into the new year!
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Blog Published August 30, 2022
Edited April 26, 2024

Are you tired of celebrating the new year the same old way as always? In the same old town, with people you’ve already known for ages? Here’s why you should take matters into your own hands and organize a Party in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia! Witness what Ljubljana nightlife has to offer! The craziest clubs as well as pubs and bars. And best of all, we’ll tell you exactly how to do it!

Here are 6 reasons why!

  1. Ideal for traveling on a budget
  2. Affordable
  3. Language Friendly
  4. Safe
  5. The CRAZIEST party traditions of Eastern Europe
  6. One of THE best Pub Crawls in Europe

Looking for a close destination? Ljubljana is just around the corner!

Only a short road or plane trip away from all the biggest countries in Europe, Ljubljana is located almost in the middle of all the important cities in Europe. Being a part of southeastern Europe, Slovenia’s capital, the city of Ljubljana, has highways all around it, ensuring a good connection and fast traveling. Ljubljana is still known to host the craziest and wildest nights in whole of Slovenia, dating all the way back from the times of Yugoslavia. Naturally, tons of local students as well as foreign students spend their time for the new year, checking out the Ljubljana party scene and getting to know best nightlife Ljubljana has to offer.

Partying on a budget? Ljubljana is known for cheap prices and special cocktail deals!

As everyone surely knows, prices in eastern Europe are much lower than average European prices. That way, once you finally arrive, don’t be surprised to get drinks and accommodation for half the price of what you would expect back home. You will also be provided with sweet three for one deals, as well as happy hours and discounts, if you choose to attend the oldest  Pub Crawl in Ljubljana. Ljubljana clubs are therefore quite common destination for people of all ages willing to dance it off on the dance stage, since they are very affordable, even for students.

Tourist-friendly: Slovenians usually speak at least 2-3 foreign languages

Remember how frustrating it is, when you’re a tourist in a foreign country but can’t communicate with locals because they don’t understand you mother language or even english? You’ll be happy to know that most things to do in Ljubljana at night are run by people who are fluent in multiple languages, since Slovenians have to learn them from primary school onwards. Ljubljana party scene always surprises people, as no one suspects nightlife to be so advanced and adapted to be tourist friendly. Of course, if everything else fails, hand gestures are the way to go! Not only are the people capable of speaking multiple languages, but they always look forward to helping you get around as well!

Ljubljana is one of the safest capitals in the world!

Tourist are always surprised at how safe they feel when visiting Ljubljana. It’s probably one of the safest cities you`ll ever visit. The city is safe even at night! Slovenia ranks among the 10 safest countries in the world. The crime rate in Slovenia and in Ljubljana is negligible. Ljubljana has no slums and is safe to walk anywhere. With constant police patrols and security bouncers around every corner, you’re bound to feel safe, as everyone looks after everyone, even the people they don’t know. Not to mention people are always glad to help you out, especially in the time of holidays! In general, public safety is really important to Slovenians, that is why everyone sticks to the laws and there’s rarely any problems, even when there are, it’s mostly just drunk people being silly. Things to do in Ljubljana at night are commonly very crowded as well, so you’ll never feel left out or on your own.

The craziest night of your life (Things you won’t remember, but never forget)

It’s reputation for craziest Slovenian city has to be lived up to. There’s something for everyone, if you’re more of a chill New Years person, the celebration on the main square should be right up your alley. But if you like living for the moment and enjoying every last  second of the year, Ljubljana party scene won’t let you down.  Shooting your friends with vodka pistol shots, consuming more than healthy amounts of beer through Beer Bong , competing alcohol adrenaline pumped dares, and hanging out with the coolest party guides in town, will be just some of the things you can expect.

Ljubljana’s nightlife special: The longest ongoing pub crawl in the country

Bar hopping, the party tour of city and bar crawling are all synonyms for a Pub Crawl, and boy does Ljubljana have a good one. Being rated as the Best Nightlife Activity in Ljubljana by the tourists, a New Year’s Eve Pub Crawl will make sure that you and your friends have a night like never before. Not only that you will meet a ton of other bar crawlers, but you will also compete in Olympic drinking competitions, featuring the rewards for the bravest drinkers. A pub crawl is welcoming for everyone. Solo travelers, couples, groups of friends etc., all are welcome!

Not knowing where to be and what to do once you finally land in Ljubljana for the New Year, the professional party guides have your back. They are the people to show you around at night, provide you with tons of traditional shots of alcohol and introduce you to Ljubljana party scene. They will also be your shield for safety, in case you will need any help, regarding ATMs, drunk friends or best places to grab some after party food. The Pub Crawl party guides are the people who know everyone in Ljubljana’s clubs, therefore they will escort you and everyone else on the Pub Crawl to the 6th floor of a skyscraper , where you will look at the fireworks while shouting a happy new year to everyone you just met on a night out!

Not convinced yet? Here’s a bonus reason!

Tons of young people from all over the world will be gathering in Ljubljana to make this special night one to remember. We gotta say goodbye with a special bang! New Year pub crawls are known to be the craziest ones, proven one year after the other in the past. The only question is, will you be there to witness it?

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Partying in Slovenia for New Year’s Eve (6 Reasons Why Ljubljana is the Best Party Destination of 2025)

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