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4 Reasons Why You DO NOT Want to Miss Out on Partying With Pub Crawl Ljubljana

Pub crawls should be the number one option for anyone who wants to party. Here is why this is especially true in Ljubljana.

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Marko Mikelj
Published: August 30, 2022

Pub crawls have been around for a while now, enabling people from all over the world to meet fellow travelers who they can share a drink with. Filled with shots, beer, cocktails and other beverages, a pub crawl party-tour is a great way to get to know your way around the city’s nightlife and everything it offers. Here are 4 additional reasons to join a pub crawl the next time you’re traveling to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia:

1. Amazing offer & price for the value

The estimated cost for the value you’re getting on a pub crawl is much higher than what you’re actually paying. For the entry ticket of 15€, you’re getting:

  • AT LEAST 5 shots (the party guides might even free pour you some of the shots directly into your mouth!)
  • Drinking games (Never Have I Ever, Flip Cup, etc.)
  • Beer pong & Beer bong for the bravest drinkers
  • An unforgettable night out that you won’t remember but won’t forget
  • Entry to all of the locations
  • A guided tour by the “proffesional” party-guides

2. Lots of amazing people

More often than not, the travelers who attend the pub crawl have a crazy story or two to share, making every pub crawl sure to be fresh and attracting. The people in charge are also the city’s resident party-goers, meaning they have partying in their blood-from knowing the best discount places, to knowing exactly where to get some finger food the following morning. If you’re in luck, they might even convince the DJ to put on your song request!

3. The Pub Crawl Ljubljana has its own social proof

We tend to trust the products which are more popular by society than the others- that’s why you can check on Pub Crawl Ljubljana’s social proof. Don’t worry if none of your friends attended the Pub Crawl Ljubljana in the past, as you can quickly get familiar with other travelers opinions on it on TripAdvisor, Google, or even Instagram! Rated for a #1 Nightlife activity in Ljubljana, you don’t need to worry if you’re gonna enjoy it or not, since most people very much do!

4.Visit the best places for the night

As mentioned before, the party-leaders have a ton of experience going all out in Ljubljana’s nightlife, which means they know THE best places to go for the night and organize everything to your wishes. No need to worry where you’ll find the cheapest drinks and what clubs are open, since the people in charge will do that for you. That leaves you with talking to other people and getting to know everyone while mingling and getting some drinks in.

And the best reason of them all is…

The Pub Crawl Ljubljana is FREE for the first hour, from 10 p.m to 11p.m.- before signing up, you can get to know the people and the party leaders, and deciding whether the vibe fits you or not. Even if you won’t be feeling the pub crawl, we would still be more than happy to advise you on cocktail bars or food places worth visiting on your own.

However, we’re sure you’re gonna stick with us, since the party tour offers something for everyone!

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