Top 4 After-Party Food Places in Ljubljana (THIS is where to go when very hungry at night)

Everybody has their go-to place for an after-party food. These are our top choices in Ljubljana.
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Blog Published August 30, 2022
Edited April 26, 2024

We all know the feeling after the night-out is over and the alcohol is starting to lose its effect with the hunger kicking in-that’s why we prepared a guide of Ljubljana’s nightlife food gems late at night!

1. Burek Olimpija

Burek is probably THE most famous traditional fast food from the Balkans, and there are a lot of different ways to have it as well! Most often, burek comes with curd, cheese, meat, spinach or even pizza! Luckily for you, you can try all of them at Burek Olimpija. It’s open all day and located right next to the tallest building in Ljubljana-InterContinental Hotel-you’re bound to see it, even if your eye-sight isn’t the best!

2. Ajda

20 meters away from the famous Shooters Club Ljubljana, Ajda runs 24/7. Producing classic Balkan wrap food like Burek and Jufka, you’re gonna have some fun trying a different kind of after-party food cuisine-Slovenia nightlife style! A big plus this place also has, are 3 tables just in front of it, making u able to lean on them and eat your food in peace. Note that it’s usually quite busy, specially on a weekend night, and they do not take reservations!

3. Nobel

The place with the biggest variety of different kinds of fast food, operating at 2 different locations:

  • one right across the street of Parlament Pub and Surf’n Fries. 
  • The other very close to train station and Shooters Club Ljubljana

Open 24 hours per day, this is ideal destination for any late party goers who are looking for a late dinner or an early breakfast. A big plus of Nobel is also its perfect location- being directly in the Ljubljana nightlife scene, being surrounded by Ljubljana clubs, pubs, and bars. Most of the hostels are very close to it as well.

4. Surf’n Fries

Located in the heart of Ljubljana’s nightlife, this amazing finger-food place is the best place to go to when enjoying Ljubljana’s party scene. As the name suggests, Surf’n Fries is known for it’s amazing fried potatoe, which goes along really well with some chicken nuggets and tons of different sauses to choose from. Not only is it located right next to one of the most busy Ljubljana’s pubs, but you also get a ton of food for your money. Open from 10 P.M.

till 4 A.M. , you’re pretty much guaranteed to meet some fellow party-goers and make new friends. 

Still hungry?

The locals are always glad to help you out! Most of Slovenians speak English quite fluently, so don’t be afraid to ask for directions! Who knows, you might even pick up a new friend or two along the way!

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